Re: Data Table Collections (Research)

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard (29 sept. 2007 - 23:04) :
> I've been a busy bee! More collecting, analysing and simulated  
> retrofitting:
> <>

Wonderful survey.

> Perhaps in time for the [November meeting] in Boston which I'll  
> attend.

Excellent. Looking forward meeting you.

> Feedback is welcome, as ever. But please keep messages in this  
> thread on-topic. I'd like to continue using it for these update  
> notices.

Tables used as bar graphs

This is slightly related only, but there is the equivalent of CSS Zen  
Garden but for tables. I put it because the styles sometimes drive  
the way the table is used, like the bar graphs

I also found a silly use of table for creating bitmap images with  
tables and CSS.

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