Re: Hierarchies with tabular data...

You'll find some supporting cases and related discussion in this

It is about "nested row headers" - I think it is the same issue of how
to represent a hierarchy within a table.

It is a common need, anytime there is aggregate data mixed in with its
components. Folders and files are one example of this; anything with
money that includes totals (maybe even subtotals) and individual items
(e.g. receipt, invoice, budget); any stats. You can get by with tfoot
in cases where the hierarchy nothing more than a parent-child (or
aggregate-item) relationship. For example, a receipt with items and a
total can be managed with tbody (multiple tr for items) and tfoot for
totals. But if the complexity goes up and you want to include
subtotals as well (another level in the hierarchy) there's no clear
HTML to define this (I use classes).


On 10/14/07, Peter Krantz <> wrote:
> On 10/14/07, Ben 'Cerbera' Millard <> wrote:
> >
> > These are the things we need links to. Pictures of operating systems where
> > the interface is built without using HTML are less relevant than actual use
> > cases of heirarchical tables published in HTML.
> >
> Example 4 was such a table in HTML. There is a chicken and egg
> scenario at work here. Maybe it will be difficult to find such tables
> in HTML becaues they are hard to do? This does not mean that there
> isn't a need for them...
> Typically tree tables appear in many document management solutions.
> See [1] for another HTML-based example (requires signup to their trial
> service).
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> Peter
> [1]:

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