Re: 'HTML 5' and some poem markup?

On 10/5/07, Dr. Olaf Hoffmann <> wrote:
> Me and many other would like to markup poems as others
> want to offer audio or video (see new elements like audio
> and video) or some want to offer dynamic generated
> raster image (see new element canvas).

Much of the debate on this list is related to deciding which elements
become part of HTML5 and which don't. Audio and video can be viewed as
neutral regarding the content domain (they provide "functionality")
whereas poetry is a highly specific domain.

> Well, even in XHTML2 there are not much semantic elements useful
> for poems, maybe the l element for lines.

I was refering to the extension mechanism RDFa, not the default
elements of XHTML2. Please see
for an introduction.

> Well following this idea, HTML5 should reduce everything to
> the essentials like the div element.

Well, this list is debating where the line should go.

> If it is available as HTML elements, ordinary authors may use it.

Ordinary authors may use RDFa too. And share the domain model of
poetry if one is created.

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