Identifying people at November 2007 meeting

I'm going to the HTMLWG [Meeting] in November. I only just realised I have 
no realistic way to find people I want to meet! Feel free to share ways of 
meeting me, you or anyone else in this thread.

I would like to meet:

* Ian Hickson (thanks for making my attendence possible!)
* Gregory Rosmaita
* Joshue O Conner
* James Graham
* Anyone interested in accessibility.
* Anyone who has contributed to WHATWG.

Here's more or less what I look like:

* <>

My hair looks black when indoors, which has nearly prevented people 
identifying me before. I'm just about 6 feet tall, which is something like 

My mobile phone number is +44 7799 635836. I've checked and it will work in 
the USA. If your name has ever been in the "To" or "CC" field of an e-mail 
I've written, assume that it's OK to call or text me before or during the 

This is my first visit to the event, so I'm especially interested in people 
I can hang around with for substantial amounts of time. You don't have to be 
someone I know already!

[meeting] <>

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard
Collections of Interesting Data Tables

Received on Tuesday, 30 October 2007 23:02:36 UTC