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T.V Raman (19 oct. 2007 - 01:29) :
> I dont understand what "publishing" means, since the documents
> are public -- wasn't that the whole point about working in public?

another benefit among the ones, Charles expressed in

Patent Policy. The document for now is still up in the air with  
regards to any patents it could contain.

         Purpose: The publication of the First Public
         Working Draft is a signal to the community to
         begin reviewing the document. See section 4.1 of
         the W3C Patent Policy [PUB33] for information
         about the policy implications of the First Public
         Working Draft.

In Section 4.1, it is explained.

         4.1. Exclusion With Continued Participation

          Specific Essential Claims may be excluded
         from the W3C RF licensing requirements by a
         participant who seeks to remain in the
         Working Group only if that participant
         indicates its refusal to license specific
         claims no later than 150 days after the
         publication of the first public Working Draft
         [PROCESS, section 7.4.1] by specifically
         disclosing Essential Claims that will not be
         licensed on W3C RF terms. A participant who
         excludes Essential Claims may continue to
         participate in the Working Group.

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