Terminology: "document"

The spec uses the word "document" both in an abstract sense and in  
the sense of "DOM tree".

I suggest explicitly saying that "document" means "DOM tree" in most  
cases. (For the benefit of those who look up things piecemeal in the  
spec, to whom it isn't clear that the spec looks everything through  
DOM-colored glasses and who assume general English meaning of words,  
substituting "document" with "document tree", "DOM", "DOM tree"  
throughout the spec might help, but this may not be worth the  
editorial time. Adding one sentence under "Terminology" would be low- 
hanging fruit, though.)

Furthermore, HTML 5 uses "XML document" to mean a DOM tree with the  
HTMLness flag set to false whereas the XML spec uses "XML document"  
to mean an stream of bytes that satisfies a particular format.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Wednesday, 3 October 2007 07:57:42 UTC