Re: <video> stop() and poster="" (was: Re: Detailed review of 3.14.9. Media elements)

On Sat, 27 Oct 2007, Simon Pieters wrote:
> It might be a good idea to revive stop() if, in existing media players, 
> the poster="" frame is shown again when the user "stops" the video, but 
> not when the user pauses and seeks to the beginning. I would suggest 
> that the spec should not require authors to jump through hoops in order 
> to emulate existing practice (e.g. add and remove the poster="" 
> attribute back and forth to make their homegrown stop() DTRT).

Exising Web media players seem to remove the poster frame entirely once 
the media has started downloading.

> Additionally, the current spec says:
>    The poster attribute gives the address of an image file that the user
>    agent can show while no video data is available.
> I would imagine that users expect the poster frame to be shown even when 
> there is video data available. Otherwise the poster frame would be 
> pretty useless when the first frame in the video is black.

The statement above just described what is possible, the later text that 
states what the <video> element actually represents gives this in more 

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