Re: SVG in text/html

Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> The above trial balloon proposal is designed to optimize SVG integration
>> in text/html in *future* browsers in a way that would create a
>> namespace-aware DOM 
> Hmm, and why to support SVG (or any other embedded vocabulary) in HTML
> serialization at all. XML serialization can be used without any problems
> for such purposes. I think that cleaner approach is to switch from HTML
> to XML syntax if you want to use XML features. Trying to emulate XML
> features in HTML syntax is way to hell.

Two reasons:

1) People often author content which is inserted into a larger context. 
  Blogs, wikis, comments, are but a few examples.  Requiring the entire 
page to be xml well formed, and requiring that none of the page be 
displayed if there is any well formedness errors, is a non-starter for 
most sites.  I'd love to see the day when svg could be copy/pasted into 
MySpace and MathML copy/pasted into Facebook, and have it "just work".

2) There are is well-known and widely deployed browser which will not 
display content served as application/xhtml+xml at all.

- Sam Ruby

Received on Sunday, 14 October 2007 02:03:27 UTC