Radial gradients in <canvas>


We don't like the algorithm given for radial gradients. We think it would  
be better if it was more like in SVG. To quote from an internal  
discussion: "IMO having an inner circle that goes outside the outer circle  
is a bug in the script and I would prefer to just throw an error if that  
happens. That would probably make it a lot easier to for everyone to have  
a conforming implementation. In svg they have a focus point instead of  
inner circle, and if the focus point is outside the outer circle it is  
moved to the edge of the outer circle. That is something that makes a lot  
more sense to me." Keeping them the same also enables code sharing which  
seems like a good thing.

Kind regards,

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Friday, 26 October 2007 11:21:13 UTC