Re: What now ALT?

> It would seem pretty fool-hardy to create an online application or site that
> did not allow for the insertion of alt text; especially if the above results
> in serious grief for  A future spec might be conformant without
> alt text, but a judge might still award damages; making the exercise
> theoretically moot.
> Score one for social engineering!

So you have alt="" and everyone is happy, but you don't use alt attribute
and you end up in court? "Common sense is not that common" indeed.
There ARE cases when alt attribute would do more harm and hurt accessibilty
more than lack of it, and spec would allow you to omit it in that case.
@alt should only be used when it makes sense. Of course, if you catch yourself
with IMG which does not need alt attribute make sure this img does belong in
code, not in CSS.


Received on Wednesday, 3 October 2007 22:08:00 UTC