Re: ARIA States and Properties Meeting

T.V Raman wrote:
> Actually ARIA cannot be used in a browser that hasn't been
> enhanced for it.
I think people are taking the view that the browser will be enhanced by 
the addition of author provided scripting or author provided style 
sheets that access the ARIA information in the DOM, and that is why they 
are so sensitive about IE's partial implementation of namespaces, 
because the part they didn't implement was the DOM access part in CSS, 
and probably in scripts.

If that's not their objection, then IE should be able to ignore them 
properly, so there should be no problem in using the namespace syntax.

This will be delayed, by moderation, on some mailing lists and may fail 
completely on some.

David Woolley
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Received on Tuesday, 30 October 2007 23:17:29 UTC