HTML test suite licensing

The html5lib project has one of the better chunks of HTML test
materials around. I'd like to contribute to it and use it in
this Working Group, so I started looking into the licensing issues.

html5lib uses the MIT license, which is open source and non-viral.

W3C has a relevant policy...

  Policies for Contribution of Test Cases to W3C

... which involves using the W3C document license, which doesn't
license derivative works; i.e. it's clearly not an open source license.

Karl noted a that the DOM test suite uses the W3C software
license, which, like the MIT license, is an open source,
non-viral license.

I followed up with W3C management/legal and they're OK with:

 (a) using the W3C software license for collaboration between
  the HTML WG and the html5lib project

 (b) at some milestone, publishing a snapshot of the test suite
  wrapped in a W3C technical report under the W3C document license.

James, Anne, and company, does that seems OK to you?

If switching from the MIT license to the W3C software license
is a big hassle, I'm perhaps flexible on that.

Chris W., does this seem OK with you? Based on your earlier
feedback, I'm sorta presuming it is.

Dan Connolly, W3C
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Received on Wednesday, 24 October 2007 17:57:39 UTC