Re: What now ALT?

On 10/8/07 3:19 PM, "John Foliot" <> wrote:

>Fair enough, but they are also working on a principle of avoiding "bloat",
>and of "paving cowpaths".

alt="spacer.gif" appears 50 times on
that counts as bloat in my book.

>I have floated the idea of a reserved value for alt (I suggested alt="_none"
>[with the underscore])

alt="_none" also counts as "bloat" to me.

If the image has NO VALUE to anyone why does it still need an alt?

>User Agents could be configured to deal with
>an expected value such as this consistently (as could Adaptive Technology),

If they can be configured to deal with alt="_none" why can't they just be
configured to deal with an image with no alt value?

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