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[MTF] Management Charts from today

[MTF] Updated WS Management Architecture concepts

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A basic WS Arch triangle

Advanced Web Services & client/server

all of triangle words with all pictures zipped

Another diagram

arch diagrams from the f2f

architecture notation

Champions for Draft-status requirements?

Choreography WG proposal follow up?

Closing XML Protocol LC issue 270: Part 2 - Appendix A - Edit orial


Dave Hollander's slide from this morning's F2F

Dave Orchard's slides from Friday's F2F

Discovery words

discovery words with pictures in zip

Distributed Systems and failure management

F2F Times

Finding the Intersection ...

fulfilling my AIs from today's f2f

FYI: part 2 of understanding BPEL column published

Humans and machines


Intermediaries - various cases

Is there WS-Security WG ?

Issue #2

Issue 3: What does "identities of communicating parties" mean (AR006.2.1)?

ISSUE: support for I18N incomplete

Label for Top Node of "triangle diagram"

Large documents sending to www-ws-arch@w3.org

membership question

Minutes from September F2F

Minutes of OASIS WS Security F2F

My REST presentation from Wednesday

Pointer to previous arch doc comments

Proposed Choreograph Working Group Charter

Reading list for September Face to Face meeting

Reliable messaging

Reliable Messaging Definition

Reliable Messaging Definition - Corrected

Representing HTTP in arch diagrams

Resolution of XML Protocols Issue LC 337

Resolution of XML Protocols Issue LC 343

REST vs the rest and other angels on pinheads

Roger Cutler's F2F Presentation

service references (was: Re: WSA diffs from REST)

SOAP 1.2 types of intermediaries

SOAP Primer LC Issue 345

Software architecture

supporting SOAP-GET MEP (was: Re: service references)

TAG Architecture Draft

Triangle Picture all alone

Use case comparison of REST & Web services

versioning of WSDL and schemas

Web Services contrasted with JCA

Who is "we"?

wire stack words and diagram

Words for the Triangles

WSA constraints

WSA diffs from REST

WSDL, app protocols, URI schemes

XLink vs. HLink

XML and SOAP constraints? (was RE: WSA constraints)

XML Protocol LC Issue 334 Closed

XML Protocol LC Issue 335 Closed

XML Protocol WG's Last Call for Review of SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature


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