RE: Choreography WG proposal follow up?

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> Subject: Choreography WG proposal follow up?
> Has there been any progress within the Web Service 
> Co-ordination Working Group on forwarding a recommendation 
> around the WSA WG's proposal to
> create a new Choreography Working Group?  

Dave and I submitted a detailed report of the discussions at the
F2F last week and the outcome of the various votes.
They gave us an action to recommend the inputs from the proposed 
charter that are "necessary" and which are "desireable".  See todays
telcon agenda.  They took an action item to  work
with the W3C team and management to contact the authors of the "necessary"
inputs to try to get them made available to a W3C working group.

There's still a lot of architectural work to do to figure out how the
various aspects of what we're calling Choreography (as a temporary label)
relate to one another and how they would best fit into a reference
so we can pursue this ourselves.  The progress we make can then be an input
into the discussions of where and how to pursue industry standards in this

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