RE: Reading list for September Face to Face meeting

> Also, I think that any writing that accurately reflects what REST is
> about makes for good background reading.  All of Paul's articles
> certainly do.

I find it interesting, to say the least, how you sometimes reference the W3C
TAG work, and then don't reference the TAG work.  My principle is that the
TAG work is pretty darned definitive on whatever it's chosen to document,
and anything not ( perhaps yet ) endorsed by the TAG is not part of the web
architecture.  Though I admittedly have a biased perspective as an elected
TAG member.  I would certainly strongly object to a w3c wg endorsing as part
of web architecture material that had not been approved by the TAG, that
constitutes the elected and appointed people responsible for web arch
documentation, even though there appear to be some second class citizens in
the TAG from a referenceability perspective in some people's minds.  That
you don't acknowledge the TAG work on REST is perplexing, given Roy and the
TAG's approval of said material.


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