RE: Words for the Triangles

Hi Heather,

Nice rants. Questions below following from your statements:

>I think Web services adds to this the ability to find what you want by
>SEARCHING on characteristics and metadata accompanying that 
>service.  This
>is SUCH a good thing for J2EE.

>  Someone
>can register the URL of the WSDL and/or service to a registry with meta
>data - UDDI-ish, or it can crawl looking for WSDLs or WSILs at URLs and
>register the services therein.  UDDI plays the same role as 
>Yahoo for web

This begs the question what is sufficent metadata to satisfy query needs? 
UDDI (and ebXML?) has more queryable metadata than WSDL. Should this extra 
service metadata be captured by our architecture? Should the metadata 
query language be standardized or specified? Maybe at the top triangle 
abstraction it is not needed to detail the 'find' and 'publish' arcs. However, 
the Description slide doesn't have a placeholder for metadata as you 
illustrated in your 'Yahoo' comparison. Unless you think the WSDL box 
'Interface Description' is sufficiently broad to capture queryable metadata.



Received on Thursday, 26 September 2002 15:28:09 UTC