Re: arch diagrams from the f2f

On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 10:32:57AM -0400, Sedukhin, Igor wrote:
> Mark, but how to you know about the URL to send HTTP GET? May be you
> called me over a phone or went to google search, right? That makes a
> logical operation of "publish", "find" using a discovery mechanism of
> choice. It can be P2P, like a port scan or it can be phone or what have
> you. Discovery is conceptually different than semantic interactions.
> That is what the triangle diagram captures.

I understand that, and completely see the value of it as a logical
model as you describe there.

My concern is that it's poorly suited to being a physical model to which
specifications are mapped, as those slides do.  This is because any
technologies, such as HTTP, which exist to bridge the gap between
publish/find/interact actions, will be marginalized because they won't
fit nicely - they'll fit in multiple places, and that will just confuse

For example, HTTP would fit under "interact", "find", and "publish".

Perhaps we could give HTTP a special place in the diagram, like a
circle wrapped around the whole thing?

I don't want to bog down on this though, and won't strenuously object
if concensus is that they want to go forward with Mark's slides.

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