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I believe that you need to  be an employee
> of an organization that belongs to the W3C.  If you are, then 
> the Advisory
> Committee representative from your organization can identify you as a
> participant of this working group. 

That's about it.  The key point is that this WG is for W3C member
organizations, and members who want to participate just need to have their
AC representative inform us.  On the other hand, there is very little
besides the telcons and face to face meetings that is not open to the
public, and the minutes of those are published soon afterwards.  

So, anyone who wants to follow the progress of the WG can do so from this
mailing list.   Anyone who wants to influence the spec can do so by
proposing wording for the spec, making comments on drafts to the public
comments list, and advocating your point of view on this list. Formal votes
in most W3C WGs are fairly rare; discussions generally continue until a
consensus that all can minimally live with are reached, so WG members really
don't have all that much more "power" than an informed and articulate member
of the public.

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