RE: Words for the Triangles

This is comparing apples to oranges.  The relationship isn't between URI
schems and wsdl files.  On the web, we don't need wsdl files because humans
know how to fill out forms.  And browsers use a way of encoding the form
into uris and HTTP data.  Every single form has an specific and different
interface.  To me, the web form is roughly the equivalent of an operation in
a wsdl.

I betcha num(forms) ~= num (operations in wsdl files) in a few years.  But
we know that's the bet that some of us are making, and some of us are not
making.  But already my bank uses SOAP to extract data from different
systems.  They even specifically use web services to get interop betweeen
two unamed commercial java app servers.  Turns out the ratio is 1:2
forms:web service operations, and widening.

And as one can describe in wsdl every web page as well as web services, by
definition the potential is num (operations) > num (forms).


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> > if you do not already have them, you still need to be able
> to "find" the
> > wsdl files.  that is what uddi is designed to do.  joel
> So, getting back to the "fundamental issues" I mentioned to
> Heather, the
> relevant one here is that on the Web, I don't need WSDL files, because
> I've got the URI scheme, and built-in knowledge of that URI scheme.
> Note that num(uri schemes) <<<<<<< num(wsdl files) 8-)
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