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Heather Kreger <> on Thu, 26 Sep 2002 17:54:16 -0400 writes:
>No, you do not discover from the web. Google discovers from the Web. Then
>he records it in his registry. THEN you discover from Google,  which is
>searching his - gasp - registry. So, you are discovering from a registry. 
>. . .

Well, yes, that is a legitimate one way to look at it, but I certainly do 
not think of it that way.

To me, Google and other tools are simply my MEANS of discovery -- not the 
desired end point of my discovery.  Google, Yahoo, email, and postcards and 
billboards with URIs on them are all means that I use to find what's on the 
Web.  Google just helps me to find it by suggesting a URL, but I get the 
information that I seek from the Web -- I don't get it from Google.  All I 
get from Google are suggestions for where I should look.

To me, the top cloud in the triangle diagram is simply the Web -- that 
universal space where you can put information and get information.  And a 
UDDI registry is certainly a part of that space.  A Web Service publicizes 
its information (somehow), and a Client finds that information 
(somehow).  But they don't have to use a common "registry" to do so (unless 
you wish to call the entire Web a "registry", but I think that would be 
rather disingenuous).  The only thing they have to have in common is the 
Web: One places the information on the Web and the other finds it.

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