RE: Label for Top Node of "triangle diagram"

To me "cache" implies centralization and also passivity (ie there is no
matching capability in the cache).

I prefer "Discovery Agencies" the term we developed at the f2f.

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Has 'Description Cache' been discarded yet?

It is somewhat mechanism and role agnostic (more like a functional
term using DaveO's original term criterias - as is 'registry'). It
is a fairly abstract phrase, doesn't imply centralization (at least
to me), is clear & simple, and cache is a well understood Internet


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>> I want to emphasize that Heather is talking about ROLES here, not
>> things, not mechanisms. A role is an abstraction as are the other
>> nodes (roles) in the triangle diagram.
>The problem with using a role with the top node is that, at least to
>me, it feels like this is a third entity different from the others,
>and registry has this feel of centralized thing. If we ended up
>settling for a role, I think that the following would need to be very
>clearly underlined:
>- the publication/discovery role is an abstract role which may be
>  fulfilled by the service provider itself.
>- there is no claim made as to how it is performed: it could be
>  achieved using any number of solutions, be it centralized or not.
>Ideally, the word used would carry all that, which IMO registry does
>not. Hence my preference is to use the description of an action:
>Publish/Discover, or Publication and Discovery Mechanisms, or
>Advertizing and Discovery Mechanisms to quote DaveH.
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