RE: XML and SOAP constraints? (was RE: WSA constraints)

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> Subject: Re: XML and SOAP constraints? (was RE: WSA constraints)
> BPEL4WS layers on WSDL without assuming specific bindings (SOAP or
> XML for that matter) and provides a composition (choreography) model
> that works just fine. The on-the-wire stuff for BPEL can be 
> anything ..
> and our implementation (on alphaWorks) supports SOAP, Java method
> calls and RMI/IIOP as "on-the-wire" serializations.

> The WS-Desc WG agreed at the last F2F to not preclude non-XML
> bindings. However, we are not planning on doing any non-XML bindings
> on our own.

Thanks for the clarifications. Interesting ... I'd guess that something
along the line of "not preclude non-XML (infoset) definitions and messages,
but not actively support them"  might be a good way forward for us.

> I'm sorry for opening a can of worms.

Not at all!  This issue has been festering for months, and we need to figure
out what to say about it.

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