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Mark, but how to you know about the URL to send HTTP GET? May be you
called me over a phone or went to google search, right? That makes a
logical operation of "publish", "find" using a discovery mechanism of
choice. It can be P2P, like a port scan or it can be phone or what have
you. Discovery is conceptually different than semantic interactions.
That is what the triangle diagram captures.

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I wanted to say that the concern I raised about the triangle diagram -
that it's logical, but may be interpreted as suggesting the existence of
particular technologies - appears to be the case in Mark's slides
(though at the f2f we appeared to have started down this path).

I consider it a fundamental advance of the Web over previous distributed
systems, that "publish" and "find" are integrated into "interact", all
by virtue of the joined-at-the-hip relationship between a URI and the
HTTP GET method.

I suggest that we refrain from attempting to map specific technologies
to this diagram for this reason.  If we're going to do any mapping, we
should have a separate physical diagram with which to do that.


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