RE: Who is "we"?

I've never used this abbreviation before, being more oriented to the English
language, but ...


I may not always agree with you, Mark, and you may be a pain in the ass ...
but I still want and value your input.

Less colloquially -- as Heather has eloquently stated, there are legitimate
concerns being expressed by RESTers, and there are things to be learned.  I
don't think I agree with some of your basic premises, but nonetheless I
think your input is valuable.  I would not like to see the REST point of
view either be suppressed or become a constraint.  You are an eloquent and
knowledgable proponent of this approach, and I hope you will be able to find
the time to continue commenting on what is going on here.

Given that wish, let me also say that I understand you have other fish to
fry, and I totally understand if your attention is less than total.
Nonetheless, you are certainly "we" as much as I am.  God knows I have no
idea what the heck is going on some of the time, and I must admit that I
have a few fish of my own that sometimes get in the way.  Nonetheless,
occasionally I think I have something useful to say ... and so do you.
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> Once we finish that, we might want to start with
> examinition of the requirements.

> (note to self, it's not "we" any longer 8-).

This is an open working group, and all technical discusssion either takes
place in public or is made available shortly afterwords.

FWIW I think of "we" as meaning the people who contribute thoughtfully and
in good faith to this effort, whether or not they spend 1 1/2 hours a week
on the phone with the WG or not.  So you are still "we", Mark! Along with
Anne Manes, Paul Prescod (if he wants to be associated with us <grin>), and
probably a bunch of others who have contributed helpful thoughts but are not
officially on the W3C WG.  

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