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Hi Heather,

Is this what you are intending for inclusion into the WSAWG spec?  If so,
then please include it and let's just review one document.  I would like to
see the graphics.

Line numbers would help when providing comments.

While WSDL is absolutely preferred, there are other mechanisms for discovery
of a web service's methods and input and output parameters.  For instance,
Microsoft tools offer "reflection."  Maybe we should just state that WSDL is

Portal UDDI Registry: The following sentence seems a touch awkward.  "A
portal UDDI registry runs in the service provider's outside the firewall or
in a DMZ between firewalls."  Please consider adding the word "environment"
between provider's and outside.  There is the beginning of discussion of
"role-based" visibility here also.  There is a similar capability that is
now defined within the UDDI specification itself and should be expected
within vendor-based tools and future registries. 
This comment "...complete business context and well thought out taxonomies
are essential if the service is to be found be potential service
requestors..." which you have associated with just the [public] UDDI
Business Registry absolutely applies equally to all forms and usages of

Acquiring Service Descriptions: This statement "...Internal Enterprise
Application UDDI registries and Partner Catalog UDDI registries will require
no pre screening to establish trust of the service..." is not true.  I might
host a web service within my enterprise and still need to establish a level
of working "trust" with (internal) users of the service.

I like to describe WSIL as getting a business card from someone that I have
already met or someone that I have been introduced to.  The "business card"
provides a rich set of very specific information.  If you agree with this
analogy, then you might want to add something to that affect.


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Here are the words I had for what I called the Registry Stack. I tried to
rename it to the Discovery Agency (I'm still uncomfortable with this
name... any other ideas?).  Again, these words are plaguerized from our Web
Services Conceptual Architecture paper (,
click on resources and scroll down).  Of course this is just a starter

(See attached file: HKsContribution.discoveryagency.htm)

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