Label for Top Node of "triangle diagram"

This kicks off discussions about what to call the top node in our triangle

Some of the terms bandied about (and I list these to support
brainstorming/creative works):
Registry agency
Discovery Mechanism
Search Engine
Metadata store

I looked up in roget's some various synonyms for registry, and I found
catalog(ue for those that write proper english:-), roster, list, roll.  I
looked at discovery and found ascertainment, find, finding, strike.  BTW, I
despise the term metadata in this context.

The way I see it, we can go one of 4 paths:
1) Label it by the function it supports - publish/discover is an example
2) Label it by a term that represent the function it supports - registry is
an example.
3) Same as #2, except we come up with a whole new term.  This has
precedent - RoyF came up with Representations because the trm document
wasn't quite right.
4) Create some modified term based on the previous, like "web service

I observe that lots of companies and people spent time figuring out these
and other terms.  The chance of us recreating something useful in a timely
manner that is different with what's gone on seems unlikely to me.

I gather that people have heartburn over the term "registry" because it
implies a solution like UDDI.  Is there any prefix that might suffice?   My
personal preference is registry with a prefix like Web Service.

Anyways, let's discuss.  And I'll add in people's suggestions and resend the
summaries at various points.  I'd prefer to hear what people strongly like
and strongly dislike, so we can get a feel for any consensus, or even
majority of the group.


Received on Thursday, 26 September 2002 17:30:04 UTC