RE: Champions for Draft-status requirements?

I don't think reliable messaging falls under AC-0018, which is
I agree with Roger that "reliable messaging" is a feature of the
protocol, similar to message integrity, privacy, non-repudiation, etc.

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I would not have thought so, personally -- but perhaps it might.  There
is a phrase about "service level agreements", and I guess this sounds
like it is somewhere in the same ballpark ... But to me "reliable
messaging" has something to do with a messaging protocol more than an
agreement or "managing" web services.  I did try to define "reliable
messaging" in an earlier posting
since nobody else was responding to the invitation to do so.  

One thing I am sure of, however, is that the phrase "reliable messaging"
does not appear anywhere in the requirements doc other than D-AC017.  If
you look at the early-draft architecture doc you will see that there is
all sorts of stuff popping up about this, and lots of people have
expressed concern about the subject -- so it wouldn't seem to me that
having something in the requirements about it would be very hard to
follow through on.

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> Basically I'm willing to let it go and it seems to me that the sense
> of the group is moving this way, with the exception that I am REALLY 
> opposed to letting go completely the subject of reliable messaging.  
> If D-AC017 went away there would be no mention of reliable messaging 
> whatever in the requirements, and I think that this would be very 
> inappropriate given the level of interest and priority that is widely 
> put on this subject.  So I am basically proposing getting rid of 
> D-AC017 but adding something specifically about reliable messaging.

Doesn't AC018, with its fairly large umbrella, cover reliable messaging?



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