Web Services contrasted with JCA

In the spirit of Mark Baker's contribution on how web services differ from
REST, people might want to look at this article on how web services differ
from the Java Connection Architecture.


"People kept asking about the difference between the J2EE Connector
Architecture (JCA) and Web services. They were interested in knowing what
the criteria should be for selecting one over the other. At first, I was
completely perplexed because the answer seemed obvious. But, after giving it
some thought, I can easily understand why confusion has started to seep in.
Vendors have done such a good job of marketing Web services as standardized
integration that companies and individuals have started to voice angst
because JCA is also pitched similarly. It naturally leads to the conclusion
that these technologies compete and conflict, right? Well, not exactly"

I think these kinds of things could be a useful component of the WSA
document -- it's easy to get confused about what web services really are
given all the marketing implying that they are the salve for all pain.  

Received on Friday, 20 September 2002 09:39:33 UTC