On Sat, Sep 28, 2002 at 08:19:49AM -0600, Champion, Mike wrote:
> >  Show me a problem that Web services claim to
> > solve that the Web doesn't have a solution for. 
> The same can be said (proven?) about a Turing machine.  I can imagine how
> the REST operations can be mapped onto Turings operations, or onto Codd's
> relational algebra, thus I will believe from my little thought experiment
> that you can solve any problem with the Web.  Your point is well taken.


> But uhh, so what?

So, if you and David agree with that, I don't see how it can be claimed
that the Web is for humans.  If it's complete, then it's complete.
This means that all tasks have at least one solution within the
constraints of each architectural style.

The BIG "So what?" here, is that this solution on the Web has the same
properties that made the Web succeed, because it respects the
constraints of the Web that induce those properties.  Since a Web
services solution does not, because it does not follow some of those
constraints (specifically, uniform interface) it will not share those
same properties.

> My point is that I hope we can get beyond this "you really don't need all
> this other junk, you can simply Do It The One True Way" stuff.

I've never ever said that the Web is any "one true way".  It won't ever
replace telnet, for example.

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