Re: WSA diffs from REST

> > I suggest that my list of accepted constraints (modulo rephrasing to
> > remove the references to REST), plus your XML one, and any others that
> > WG thinks are there, would be sufficient.
> I think our job is to consider the the constraints of the web itself, as
> in this WG understand it, in the light of whatever authoritative findings
> that the TAG comes up with as we are working.  These constraints will be
> considered in light of other constraints defined by our Requirements, the
> actual web services work going on, etc. I see no urgency to cull out the
> web-specific constraints, only to develop a coherent picture in in the
> actual WSA document.

I'm all for that. I was just saying that for my objectives, it isn't

> > As I've said, my only objective is to provide a means whereby the TAG
> > can quickly and accurately compare Web services with the Web.
> My opinion, which I believe is more or less shared by most of the other
> editors and the co-chair, is


Received on Sunday, 22 September 2002 22:27:31 UTC