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>  Deciding to  incorporate a section on
> REST vs Web Services is a very non-trival decision.

I for one am more interested in building bridges betweeen the "Web" and
"Web Services" worlds than in highlighting their differences.   As 
far as I can see, "the Web" is rich enough to support both  RESTful
and  distributed object design patterns.  It's helpful to note, 
as Mark is doing, how these design patterns differ and
perhaps to suggest where one or the other is most useful.  It's not
EVEN REMOTELY helpful to imply that one is more Web-ically correct than the
other at this stage of the game.  We've had this debate, the issues
are out in the open, let's not go there again.  

> I'm still very disturbed that web services are being held to a higher
> account than web sites. 

Yup. If the TAG wants to give us authoritative guidance that "the Web" ==
"REST" and web services must live within the constraints of REST, so 
be it.  Until that (PROFOUNDLY unlikely, IMHO, event), I would much prefer
discuss where HTTP and URIs and XML *do* fit into the reference architecture
we've sketched out.  Let's learn from the Web as it exists and let the TAG
worry about the extent to which REST is an authoritative description of 
the Web architecture. 

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