RE: F2F Times

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> Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 1:30 PM
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> > If anyone has made travel arrangements on Friday afternoon
> > that cannot be changed please let the Chairs know ASAP so we can adjust
> > meeting agenda accordingly. 

I've already heard from at least 1/4 of the attendees informing me that they
will have to leave before 17:30 on Friday.  Rest assured that all
authoritative decisions will be scheduled before Friday noon.  It might be
useful for various ad hoc groups or task forces to find F2F time on
Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon as travel arrangements allow.

Also, Jonathan Marsh has extended an invition to anyone who will be around
on Wednesday morning to observe the WSD meeting.  They will be discussing
some items of mutual interest at that time, including Solicit-Response and
Output-only MEPs (how are they to be used?).

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