RE: WSA constraints

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> Okay - I'm willing to be flexible. I would say that for the functional
> architecture, the constraint is that the messaging system must be
> independent of language, platform, and communication 
> protocol. The actual data on the wire is determined by the description
> The description mechanism must be independent of language and platform,
> that it must be machine readable. For the reference architecture, we 
> recommend using XML on the wire, a SOAP envelope, and WSDL.

That seems like a reasonable basis for a way forward.  We obviously don't
want to say that things like RosettaNet are not "web services".  On the
other hand, if we make that WSA reference architecture broad enough to
include everything, we essentially say nothing terribly useful to anyone.
The trick is to draw the line in the optimal place!

Also, Anne's distinction between "things that function as web services" and
"things that meet the constraints of the WSA reference architecture" lets us
avoid the "what is a web service" swamp while allowing us to discuss hard

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