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%flow and headers and address

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<a footnote="proposal">


<IMAGE>? <TT> == <I>? toHell(NS)

<TT> .. </I> - What to do ..

about the OBJECT tab

Appearance and Content

ATTENTION stylesheet users!

BANNER and Cougar

Composite DTD

Container model vs Switches (was: <IMAGE>? <TT> == <I>? toHell(NS))


File type issues (was Re: Netscape 4.0 press release...)

File type issues (why is it so hard to change a subject line?;)

file types

FrontPage creates Unicode Web pages

General Discussion

Good Design

Good Design: [Was: The Netscape / Microsoft / Future Quagmire]


HTML Generators -- ick.

html info

HTML Pro (composite DTD)

HTML Pro update

HTML Pro v0r9

HTML Question


Internationalized CLASS attributes

Internationalized CLASS attributes -Reply

Internet Marketing Digest (Jaargang 2 , nummer 25) (fwd)

Is this an MSIE bug?

Jigsaw on Macintosh

Load Balancing Apache on Linux Machine



MSIE Quirks

MSN horrors (was Re: Spyglass HTML Validator 1.0 Availability)

NAME, REL, REV on A but not AREA

Netscape 4.0 press release at their server

Netscape and PNG

Netscape problem

Off-subject question - nl web hosting

orthogonal specs

practical ammo for the browser wars

Proposal: <table> as flowable text element.

Question: implementing a HTML

RE : The Final Word on Browsers and the Future

References that point nowhere (was Re: <a footnote="proposal">)


Running Applications

s/w dev, companies and programmers

Solaris 2.6 & SGML

Spyglass HTML Validator

Spyglass HTML Validator 1.0 Availability



Tables in text browsers...

TAG closing! I got proof now! :)

Tenth Int'l Unicode Conference - Call for Papers - Final Reminder

Test Message for Mail System

The Final Word on Browsers and the Future

The Netscape / Microsoft / Future Quagmire

Tracking module/version info (was Re: %flow and headers and address)

Using your own DTD (was Re: %flow and headers and address)

W3C Object draft; ideological/semantic issue

We Need Your Help!!!

Z-Order In Image Maps

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