Re: Netscape 4.0 press release at their server

| "This page best viewed with" is an ironic step backwards in document
| interchangeability.  Before The Web, that information was given out
| only 4 bytes of data, not 30 or 40.  And it appeared in the
| meta-information -- the filename -- not in the body of the document
| so it was usually easier to get to.  ".DOC" was (and still is) quite
| convenient way to say "This page best viewed with Microsoft Word."

No it doesn't... it simply tells others what the page was designed to
look best in, that doesn't mean that it won't display in another, and
it doesn't mean that the author is trying to make it look bad on
another browser ... but presently I will take the time to implement
MSIE features, its what I use, and its what is usually simpler, and
don't give Netscape enhancements any consideration... one set of
"enhancements" is enough, otherwise the page looks just fine in any
plain old browser.

Received on Friday, 18 October 1996 20:32:47 UTC