Re: RE : The Final Word on Browsers and the Future

> To ask a question I asked before, do you think it offensive (in the
> sense that started this discussion) that TV programs display notices at
> the beginning saying they are in color and/or have stereo sound and/or
> closed-captioning, even though some people lack the technology to enjoy
> those features?

No, but I would find it offensive if the TV programs started having
notices like:
"Best Viewed With a 1996 Sony 56'' Projection TV with Dolby Surround
Sound Processor."

I see a major difference between:

In Mozillacolor Where Available 
(which my wife used to have on her page, before 3.2 came out with all
the body attributes)


Download Netscape 3.0 Now To View This Site, and then resize your
browser so this line just fits in the window.

The first tells people that the features are available if they choose
to usme them, and the second that the author doesn't care about anyone
not using the same software/platform/etc. that they are.

Received on Monday, 21 October 1996 14:54:00 UTC