Re: <IMAGE>? <TT> == <I>? toHell(NS)

   | If possible (and it is), I would expect parts of this sentence to be
   | rendered as <I>italic proportional <TT>italic monospaced and </I>
   | regular monospaced</TT>. Is NSN "guessing" I made a mistake when it
   | renders everything from <I> to </TT> in italic proportional?

   No its not, a good parser would take that as:

   <I>italic proportional <TT>italic monospaced and </TT></I> regular
   monospaced<!-- /TT error -->

   This is because I think SGML is order dependant, but if its not, please
   tell me what says it isn't...

Alas not: the DTD says that end-tags are compulsory on I and TT, so
you can't have the </I> implying the end of TT. You _could_ design  it
otherwise, I suppose...


Received on Tuesday, 29 October 1996 16:54:15 UTC