Re: ATTENTION stylesheet users!


At 04:32 PM 10/19/96 +0000, David Perrell wrote:
>CSS1 is an evolving spec. It's great that MS is implementing it at all,
>and to respond so quickly to comments from people who will actually be
>using it contradicts the arrogance tag applied to MS by so many on the
>W3 lists.


>1) Vertical margins set on block elements should override the default
>margins, not get added to them. For example, if P has 12/12 text and 0
>margin-top and -bottom, two consecutive paragraphs should have no
>vertical space between them.

This is very serious. Translating from traditional documents requires that I
make the size of a heading and its whitespace a whole number of lines. A
12-point heading must have an 8-point margin-top and a 4-point
margin-bottom. But MSIE adds these to the default spacing on Hn.

>2) Left margins set on elements with a default indent, such as
>BLOCKQUOTE, should override the default, not be added to it.

Agree. The natural indents on lists and blockquotes can't be overridden. And
I can't take precedence over the default font-size on headings using
percent. For example, if I say font-size: 100% and expect the heading to be
12pt (the page default), its not so. You have to guess: the default H1 is
twice the current default so you must use font-size: 60% (60% of the H1 24pt
default) to get a proper heading font-size. But if you have another browser
without the assumption of default heading size: you ask 60% of what? How can
I get to the Heading, List and Blockquote defaults?

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