> Interesting idea. But if the natural size is required, why bother to
> give the dimensions at all? 

The intended use of WIDTH and HEIGHT are to allow the user to tell the
browser how big the image is so the browser can leave room for it when
laying out the page.  It was not intended to resize the image.

> And what if I want the image distorted by making it wider than natural
> but keeping the same height?

Use an image editing program to make it wider than natural but keeping
the image the same height.  Not all browsers use the WIDTH and HEIGHT
to resize images, so you shouldn't rely on that behavior.

> Sometimes I think these so-called "editors" are written by people who
> have heard an editor described, but who have never actually seen one.

agreed... or who at least have never heard of a DTD or a
validator... hey, that sounds like Netscape... :)

Greg Marr

Received on Tuesday, 29 October 1996 17:29:34 UTC