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RE: Question: implementing a HTML

From: Jason O'Brien <jaobrien@fttnet.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 96 15:12:00 CDT
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Depends on the server -- the server can be set up to recognize any file   
as the main file -- safest bet is labeling it as "index.html" or   
"index.htm" -- this is pretty much standard --

Jason O'Brien

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Subject:  Question: implementing a HTML


     I'm using Netscape Navagator 2.1. I have coded some HTML files and
     tested their appearence by entering "c:\html\test.html" in Netscape.

     What should the filename be to allow automatic execution when the
     internet address is entered...default.html?

     i.e. When I enter http://www.microsoft.com/, what is the filename
     being executed ?

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