Re: Running Applications

You, Stuart Young, wrote:
++ On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Francisco Pinto wrote:
++ > How can I execute an application 
++ > 
++ > 	Binary Executable (application/octet-stream) (exe,bin)
++ > 
++ > immediately after download it from the Internet through a Browser, without 
++ > saving it to disk?
++ Without saving it to disk is 'hard' indeed! In fact, I'd say it'd at 
++ least get saved to disk as a cache measure.
++ > The goal is to install automatically a software package, running first 
++ > the setup application. I know that this could be dangerous in security 
++ > terms. But this case, is a particular case, where I know what software 
++ > pack I will run.
++ This alos depends what browser you are running. I know there is a plug-in 
++ for netscape that is specifically for installing software, but I have NO 
++ IDEA of how much it costs to use/liciense on either end, or whatever!

Why would you want to buy a plug in for that? Because 'plug in' is a
buzz word? Make use of the HTTP protocol. The server sends what kind of
a file it is, and most, if not any, browser can be configured what to
do when getting a file of a certain type. For Netscape 3.0, go to
options/general preferences/helpers.

Now, what has this question to do with HTML?


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