Re: RE : The Final Word on Browsers and the Future

From: "Scott E. Preece" <>

   asynchronously in different browsers).  The "resize to just fit this
   line", however, is often useful.  Many sites include graphics or wide
   tables that simply work a lot better if the window is the right size.
   Authors shouldn't do this without thinking about it, but when they *do*
   need to do it, it's nice to tell the reader in advance, so she can set
   things up before the data arrives.

And even then, the fonts used on a Mac, or on a PC, or on a Sparc, or on
a VAX, aren't necessarelly represented the same way, and often look pretty
ugly on such pages on systems other than the kind the page was created on.

I've seen those...

There is no way to get it right for everyone, except by *not* having the
spiffy "layout" all over the place...

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