Re: Using your own DTD (was Re: %flow and headers and address)

Dave writes:
   The one thing I would like to see in addition to what you are
   doing (which is fantastic and very useful) is an expansion of the
   entity names available in <MATH> mode, but I am not sure where to find
   a current list. The list at does not include

That sounds like the one I cooked up last year.

   some symbold such as the partial derivative symbol &pd;, which arena
   clearly does render (see
   It does not include some greek capitals, which are listed at, and which arena
   clearly also does render. In addition to the things that arena does
   support, I think integral signs are very important, and it would be
   useful to be able to scale integral, summation and product signs in
   some way, though I appreciate that this is somewhat counter to the
   spirit of html (<FONT SIZE=> inside <MATH> for instance). Surely someone
   must have a more complete list of entities.

My understanding is that the ISOams character entity sets held pretty
much everything mathematicians wanted (at the time they were drawn up,
of course). There's no reason why those shouldn't go in, although I'll
be guided by implementors as to how they handle the big memory
overhead, font mapping etc. Maybe it should be a marked section which
math users can turn on.

I hope to discuss this and more at SGML'96 next month.


Received on Tuesday, 15 October 1996 05:53:22 UTC