Re: <a footnote="proposal">

On Sat, 12 Oct 1996, Hans-Peter Stricker wrote:

> I wish to propose a new attribute for the <a>-tag, which will allow to
> display some kind of footnotes. This is how it should work:
> The source-code  
> <a footnote="some text">the footnoted text</a>  
> should cause the HTML-processor to mark "the footnoted text" as
> footnoted and to display "some text", e.g. on mouse-click. "some text"
> might be displayed in a little pop-up window next to "the footnoted
> text" or in the status bar.

Isn't this what <A TITLE="some text" HREF="footnote.html">the footnoted
text</a> is supposed to do? Why add a new attribute to do what is already
in the spec?

Benjamin Franz

Received on Saturday, 12 October 1996 07:49:50 UTC