MSN horrors (was Re: Spyglass HTML Validator 1.0 Availability)

At 11:58a -0500 10/17/96, Murray Altheim wrote:
>As a fellow ranter, I concur. I just believe that five years from now we'll
>see a pretty substantial difference between Babes on the Web and the online
>productions of CNN, MSNBC, an online market, the US Library of Congress,
>and the corner library.

Ya just hadta mention MSN...

Any Star Trek fans out there? Did you know that the pinheads at Paramount
have moved the official web site (called "Star Trek: Continuum") to MSN,
and that it is *only* accessible to Windows95 users? So much for all the
Star Trek values like unity in diversity... :/

I've set up a web page:


Pass the word along! I gave the info to Majel Roddenberry a couple of
months ago, but that doesn't seem to have been enough. I, for one,
have ceased watching any new Voyager or DS9 shows in protest -- I get
sick to my stomach now anytime I think of Paramount.  :-<

BTW, I spoke with both Paramount and engineers at MSN to verify the
situation, and ST:C is indeed off-limits to non-Win95 users.

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