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RE: The Netscape / Microsoft / Future Quagmire

From: pris sears <sears@vt.edu>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 16:18:38 -0400
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To: www-html@w3.org

what happened to the W3C's stance detailed on their web site?
A simple scaleable document format that can be used for information
exchange on virtually any platform:
       Graphical User Interfaces, such as Windows, Macs and X11/Unix
       Text only systems for instance, VT-100 terminals
       Text to Speech devices
       Rendering to Braille

Obviously being a member of W3C does not constrain anyone to actually
following the guidelines set by the W3C.

The bottom line is audience - do you (you being the web page designer) want
everyone to be able to get the information you are sending out? Do you want
to leave out the blind, the third world, the poweruser who doesn't have
time to look at pretty pictures, spinning geegaws, giant image maps?  Is it
fair to require someone to buy a new computer to get your information?
(saying "Download Netscape 3.0 now" is all very good, but what about the
text-only user? what about those with only 8MB RAM?)

Is the web going to be like cable TV? "You can see my content if you pay a
premium for my cable channel?"

Open standards are what allowed the whole thing to happen...


If anyone has thoughts on this, please write me personally, I'd like some

back to your regularly scheduled list....

Thanks for your kind attention - I'm outta here!
Pris Sears | sears@vt.edu | wk phone 540-231-4427 (USA)
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