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"Harold A. Driscoll" <> writes:
>At 13:22 25/10/96 -0500, Murray Altheim wrote:
>>"David Perrell" <> writes:
>>>Many thanks to Murray Altheim for the Validator, and for fun with
>>>Borneoneons and rat's patooties.
>>You're quite welcome. Both Spyglass and myself personally are trying to put
>>our money where our mouth is in providing the Web community with a tool
>>that allows document authors to insure document interoperability and
>>longevity. There's no promise yet, but we hope to have a WinNT4.0 version
>>as well sometime soon.
>Murray, I'm pleased to see the announcement of the validator, but quite
>disappointed that it only runs with Windows 95, but not Windows NT.
>Are there technical reasons why NT is not supported? Are they something
>which can easily be overcome? I trust that this is not just a case of
>marketing redlining.

Redlining only so far as our development resources for this freeware
product were very limited, and the Validator uses Win95 resources to create
its windows, widgets, etc. The code has an OS check in it, to make sure
it's running under Win95, so it simply won't run under WinNT4.0, although
it's theoretically compatible.

There are some registry issues to work out (which our Rumanian QA engineer
Vasile is looking at right now), and I expect that next release will run
under WinNT4.0, plus include updates to several DTDs. I'm really waiting
for the MSIE 3.0 DTD to be released, so we can include that one, plus
hopefully an update to HTML 3.2. No dates as of yet.


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