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| ++ I agree, almost.  I agree that pointing to features is more useful than
| ++ pointing to the browser (since the same feature may appear
| ++ asynchronously in different browsers).  The "resize to just fit this
| ++ line", however, is often useful.  Many sites include graphics or wide
| ++ tables that simply work a lot better if the window is the right size.
| But then 'resizing to just fit this line' doesn't work, does it?
| It will only work when using the same font and browser as the author
| used.

Although it *can* be precise (as, for instance, with pre-formatted
tables), you're right that it's usually just an approximation.
It's not a *big* deal, but the cost of being wrong or of the user
ignoring it is also, as you note, small.

| ++ Authors shouldn't do this without thinking about it, but when they *do*
| ++ need to do it, it's nice to tell the reader in advance, so she can set
| ++ things up before the data arrives.
| Huh? I've yet to see a browser I cannot resize after the data has
| arrived.

Well, yes.  On the other hand, for a page with large or complicated
tables, the re-plot time may be irritating and I have sometimes seen
browsers go out and re-fetch the pages after a re-size.


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