Proposal: <table> as flowable text element.

We wanted to put a bunch of images on a webpage, each subtitled beneath,
and figured we could do something like:

    <table><tr><td><img src="p1.gif"><tr>Pic #1</table>
    <table><tr><td><img src="p2.gif"><tr>Pic #2</table>
    <table><tr><td><img src="p3.gif"><tr>Pic #3</table>
<!-- an so on -->

Only to discover that, although the size of the tables was totally
determinable, as if they had only been <img> tags, the tables were not
flowable as the images were.  Hence, we lost the automatic rearranging of
our pictures and labels to fit the screen size, and were forced to
arbitrary select a number of columns instead -- a lose.

This is a recurring limitation.  Can the definition of table as block
rather than text items be changed?


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Received on Friday, 4 October 1996 16:03:08 UTC